42: The Journey Begins

Despite of what you might think on first glance, this is a working website. I have better ones, but for this purpose this is all it needs to FIX THE FACTS. 


I sell some domains I created to set FACTS. Mostly they are dot.com domains. The IP rights are on me. Internet Protocol wise and Intellectual Property wise. Domains are not just names, they are identities, they have become things, we can point to. There might have been others who used the name before in a different context, but they did not propagate it. I connected the domains before I published so I can avoid a misuse at the time of publication. After nine month I set them on sale. The Google crawlers and the Internet archivists had  enough time to do their work. I sell domains in the following ways:

  1. Low impact domains: On a first come first get basis — for 100 Euro. Add 10 Euro for each year since I created the domain. You pay via paypal and then you get it. Basically I don’t mind much on the future life of such domains. You get an invoice and receipt of payment.
  2. Nice domains: If you are nice and you have a good reason why you want the domain we negotiate. You ensure for two years a use that does not bring a bad picture on the name I created. The price is 500 Euro, but negotiable, for startups, for artists, for things I like to support.
  3. TOP domains. Don’t bother me to offer less than 1,500 Euro.
  4. Four letter domains? Yes I have also sold such premium domains. For this I offer you to handle the deal via the SEDO platform. SWZS.COM is such a domain I sold.

Time to meet some of the things I created?


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