42: The Journey Begins

Domains are facts. Get the domain you need for tiny money.


Mostly I sell dot.com domains. Also I have created some domains and gave them meaning. I have different type of domains:

  1. Low impact domains: On a first come first get basis — for 100 Euro. Add 10 Euro for each year since I created the domain. You pay via paypal and then you get it. Basically I don’t mind much on the future life of such domains. You get an invoice and receipt of payment.
  2. Nice domains: If you are nice and you have a good reason why you want the domain we negotiate. You ensure for two years a use that does not bring a bad picture on the name I created. The price is 500 Euro, but negotiable, for startups, for artists, for things I like to support.
  3. TOP domains. Don’t bother me to offer less than 1,500 Euro.

LASTMINUTE DOMAINS for 42 EURO. I buy domain that will become available soon and sell them each for 42 EURO. Enter the XXXX domain this way 42sale.XXXX to check it out.

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