You reached this page via a link? Best case is that you are at the right place for buying the domain. 100 Euro is the minimum cost. Usually you have to pay 10 Euro per year for the time the domain has been running since I claimed it. All that I need from you is a phone number and your paypal account and it is yours. Just to ensure that there is not a misunderstanding, here is what you have to do:

  1. you send an email to info (at) 42sale.com with the name of the domain you want to buy and your paypal account so I can setup a payment request.
  2. you send an SMS to +491712077087 with the domain and the date of your email, so I can search in my spam folder for it.
  3. if you don’t get a reply then you may call me on my cell phone during the European day time.

In case you don’t like to pay first and get the domain within a few days after payment — via the usual procedure [a transfer code] — then all I can offer is to read in the Gods of Informatics to whom you talk. 20 Euro, a fair price to get words from the Gods, right?