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Reiner Schneeberger, Dipl.-Kfm. EOQ-Auditor, Author of The Gods of Informatics [2017] und Qualitätsmanagement mit MS-Office [1998]

I sell domains in a trusted way. Try Sedo. Some are listed there.


In case you are forwarded from a domain, then mostly the domain owner will have authorised me to sell the domain on his behalf. Contact me via phone +49 171 20 77 087 and via email

Reiner Schneeberger, Dorfstr. 14, DE 04416 Markkleeberg


Sie haben einen Domainnamen im Browser eingegeben und sind hier gelandet? Bitte kontaktieren Sie mich telefonisch — falls Sie Interesse haben die Domain zu kaufen.

Reiner Schneeberger, Dorfstr. 14, DE 04416 Markkleeberg, +49 171 2077087.

Tax-ID: DE163 942 347 

Technical Advice

When a client comes to me then I recommend to set up a subdomain, mostly it will be “www” where the vision, the idea or the former use can be seen. The internet is not forgetting anything, so why not tell a new owner about it? This gives transparency and trust. You don’t want to buy a bad apple, don’t you?

Need an example? Enter and you will get content via a link to Enter and you get this page as long a the sales offer still stands.