Usually there is no link to the Ultima page because the domain is not put on sale so a [www.] subdomain is not setup to point to 42sale.com

Nevertheless now as you are here I have to tell you that there are some domains I like to keep forever, I like to make the ideas behind immortal. Examples are Avatarkunst, Immersivia, Art.Blue, Kunst.Blue …

Test it out by entering http://www.avatarkunst.com and you will be routed to this page, then enter http://avatarkunst.com to get to the blog and to the magazine promoting Avatarkunst.

The list of the domain my heart beats for is quite long, but nothing is forever, right? I paid for some domains a hell of money to propagate the ideas that come with the names. I write articles, catalogs and books setting the names into place.

In case you want to step in and bring a project to glory, to make it known forever, to set up a foundation for it, then call me +491712077087. In the unlucky situation that my life has suddenly ended, then contact +49 1781790802 and ask for the person in charge.

The person to talk may differ, because the ownership of the domain could have changed over times. In case you are an artist and in a virtual worlds active, you may know some persons that have been always supportive of projects I am involved in like The Santorini Biennale. This way you may also find out what are the right steps to go.

Reiner Schneeberger